Although burning has dropped out, but the body has not fully recovered, leaves Kaoru still worried, she pulled Xiaoruo Chen despite his protests, he stuffed the quilt, then carefully told: "I went to the kitchen by local to you Aoyao you first take a rest Do not see flaws ah. "he had just replaced the clothes and then packed up ready to go the way starched.

Being put clothes folded, a pain in the palm of the hand. Is one of the hard things in clothing lapel Ge.

She opened clothes, strange thing that catches the eyes of the Guanghua unexpected touch of aquamarine.

This is ...

She picked up the Flanagan hairpin With this lightweight action, hairpin the first places Butterfly wings tremor than flowing water gloss, crystal clear, not square things.

This is not its own carry around sticks jasper butterfly hairpin it? I remember clearly in two stay at the foot of the mountain Chaliao recuperate when they were sold Minato medical expenses.

Ye Kaoru could not help but looked up and looked to Xiaoruo Chen, "root the hairpin how they ..."

Hear her words, Xiaoruo Chen looked up, eyes fell on the hairpin, but also slightly hesitated and then it suddenly dawned thought up and said: "This is the day to get the money after I went alone product Lent redeem originally wanted to immediately you, but happened to encounter ... those things. "Xiao Ruochen eyes dimmed, then they looked up and smiled and said:" After resting on the body has been so forget. "

"So the day you ran out to it?" Leaves Kaoru remembered that night the last two hour the Xiao Ruochen go jump out from the window thing, when she puzzled him here to do. Just after a series of tragedies to let her by surprise, insignificant doubts long forgotten in the back of the head.

The Xiao Ruochen nodded, "which is a hairpin favorite when I saw plenty of time, and also enough money, he ran to redeem."

Leaves Kaoru sighs loudly, the original The culprit is the root hairpin people plummeted to home. Think of the the two eat bitter in the past few days, by the offended, because the root hairpin, because of the short two hour late ...... leaf Kaoru mood could not help some depressed, "But a hairpin. Worth is that I like is nothing but a dead rushing to take such a big risk it?, how can ...... Oh ...... "

Xiao Ruochen his lips sip, and looked with a slightly stubborn, "Anyway, this is like something you wear, I'll never let it fall into the hands of others. Smashed even threw, have you I Laiza to throw. "

This kid interested, although sounds a bit wayward simple leaves Kaoru hearts or could not help the slightest warmth flow through, immediately laughed and said: "That I can be sure to keep it for it, thank you rushing this trip. "

She not be meaningful to pursue explore leaves Kaoru those troubles behind, playing a few hands of Hosta.

This is the root of the hairpin and her fate is really wonderful ah! It is not only accompany witnessed her the his short Designate door life, and rushing along the way her adventure with the root hairpin inseparable. Several times to lose the thought never see it, but the twists and turns Abduction good laps, even every time and will back her hand! Leaves Kaoru heart with emotion, and also have a little fun, after all, this is only a souvenir of his short designate door life left her, but also of two Core State public xiaojia only point to commemorate And ...... the leaves smoked mood is excellent to clenched hairpin also very valuable.

She was about to double-check the hairpin wear, bed Xiaoruo Chen suddenly carried up into the heart, warily glanced toward the door, and then leaves Kaoru gestured quickly lie down, covered with quilts.

Someone outside leaves Kaoru received the message, quickly into the arms of the hands of the hairpin side help Xiao Ruochen tuck a corner.

A moment later, the door came footsteps from far and near, the the moderate voice sounded familiar: A smoked in the house do? Wang aunt something come to us. "

Is Yanqiu.

"In." Leaves Kaoru stepped forward to open the door, side and asked, "Wang aunt anything?"Louis Vuitton Wallets
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"Aunt to pack dress neatly and then went downstairs," and Yan Qiu said. Sound quite first anxious, "The carriage is at the door and packed immediately on the carriage."

"Pack dress neatly? Does anyone to buy?" Leaves Kaoru puzzled Road, after such a reminder, she noticed. Yanqiu dressed as usual, she was wearing a brand new goose yellow sarong. The material is not how outstanding work fine needlework is exceedingly delicate, hair combed neatly Xiecha a cloud-shaped gold lacquered hairpin, the whole person is like a bloom in early spring, winter jasmine, being with light with a bit pretty.

Yanqiu slightly uncomfortable, looked in the eyes of the upper lobe Kaoru said quickly. Someone to buy, and heard or backing earth unnerving people live in their Pro Hall. "Here, she lands in the eyes could not help flashing from the brilliance of excitement," Wang aunt let us hasten up in the past. "

"But I was going to give is small Chen Aoyao.

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