Monkeys, Lions and Chimpanzees are animals we often see in the wild or on the Discovery Channel, however many of these exotic animals can be purchased legally within the United States. Living in an acceptable jurisdiction and acquiring the correct permit could turn your home into a modern day zoo. These animals, however do come with a heavy price tag and that is not including the upkeep.

13. Bengal Cat

Price Tag: $800-$3,000

The Bengal Cat is bred by mating a domestic black shorthaired cat with an Asian Leopard cat. As with many hybrids the goal is to create a domestic cat in size and demeanor with the exotic Asian Leopard Cat appearance and coloring. As with most hybrid cats, the breed becomes more and more domesticated with each successive generation, therefore the ideal domesticated breed would be at least three to five generations removed from the original breed.

12. Snow Macaque

Price Tag: $3,500

The Snow Macaque is considered a threatened species as we continue to encroach on more and more of the animal's habitat. Due to this fact, coveted licenses and special permits are mandated to own this very rare animal. The Snow Macaque is a smaller primate with a lifespan of over 25 years with the distinguishing feature of a hairless red face.

11. Squirrel Monkey

Price Tag: $4,000

This primate is about the size of a squirrel thus it's name. Generally the squirrel monkey does not get any bigger than 2 pounds and is considered a very social, affectionate and peaceful animal. These complacent characteristics make the animal a highly desired pet, however as with most of these animals, many states do not allow them to be privately owned.

10. Chinese Crested Hairless Puppies

Price Tag: $4,000-$5,000

These dogs weigh about 5 to 12 lbs and are very vivacious, alert and friendly animals. Considered to be one of the rarest dogs, these dogs are prone to sunburning on a hot and clear day. The dogs first originated in Africa and the animals is most often found to be a very pleasant companion that lives for over 10 to 12 years.

9. Savannah Cat

Price Tag: $4,000-$10,000

Bred in a similar process to the Bengal Cat, the Savannah Cat is bred by mating the African Serval with a smaller domestic cat. The Savannah inherently has a much more difficult breeding process, because an African Serval is 40lbs and undomesticated and breeding it with a domestic house cat is problematic. Concurrently, the gestation periods between the two animals are different. Due to these factors, the Savannah is a more expensive and rare breed of cat.

8. Mona Guenon

Price Tag: $6,000

The Mona Guenon's natural habitat is within the Western African tropical forests, however this animal is capable of adapting to any forest environment. Therefore, despite special permits and licenses to own this animal, it is not considered an endangered specie.

7. Debrazzas Monkey

Price Tag: $10,000

The DeBrazza's Monkey is easily recognized by its white beard and yellowish gray fur. The animal will generally live for about 22 years. Though many people do shell out the hefty price for this primate, they become disappointed when the docile and tender babies grow to become unpredictable and hostile adults.

6. Striped Ball Python

Price Tag: $10,000

Master Python Breeder, Bob Clark states that he has an exclusive on this genetic striped ball python. The prominent stripe is what makes this animal very unique. More clearly, the striped ball showcases a yellow dorsal stripe with a a black border, clearly differentiating them from any other snake.

5. Hyacinth Macaw

Price Tag: $6,500-12,000

Macaws overall are very expensive. The Hyacinth Macaw exhibiting beautifully vibrant coloring, generally commands $20,000 a pair. Physically these birds are about 40 inches long and have a bright blue coloring. Their wing span is about four feet and these birds make popular pets despite their expensive price tag.

4. Reticulated Albino Type II Tiger Python

Price Tag: $15,000

Master Python Breeder, Bob Clark's Reticulated Albino Type II Tiger Pythons sell for $15,000 each. An extremely rare breed, these pythons showcase a co-dominant tiger pattern, making them extremely popular in the snake world.

3. Lavender Albino Python Female

Price Tag: $20,000

This red-eyed snake is lavender in color, under a vibrant yellow pattern. Also available from python breeder Bob Clark, the rarity has fueled demand.

2. Chimpanzee

Price Tag: $60,000-$65,000

Chimpanzees are highly intelligent primates and are closely related to humans. Chimpanzees weigh about 115 lbs and the male is slightly larger than the female. The natural habitat of the Chimpanzee is within central Africa and western Africa. Though an endangered specie, Chimps are legal pets in some states.

1. White Lion Cubs

Price Tag: $138,000

The very rare White Lion is because of a a recessive gene and the animals are not considered to be albino. The White Lion's eye color is similar to the regular lion, however the coat pigmentation and skin are not. Due to its price, demand, upkeep and scarcity, the White Lion remains one of the most difficult animals in the world to obtain.


6 years 44 weeks ago, 3:24 PM


This is all wrong, first primates are illegal to own in almost every state as a pet. It is extremely difficult to obtain an exhibitors license from the USDA. This is also true with large carnivores such as tigers. There is also confusion in the picture of the "Mona Guenon", first that is NOT a guenon, they might be refering to a Mona Monkey which is Cercopithecus mona. That picture is of a male Mandrill, Mandrillus sphinx. The prices on the various pythons is also way too high. Go to a reptile breeding trade show and you will see. The only thing that is true is the price of the macaw, however they are NOT good pets for everyone and good luck finding one.

6 years 44 weeks ago, 3:55 PM


you are a loser

6 years 43 weeks ago, 12:38 AM


you're the reason for disease.

6 years 43 weeks ago, 6:39 PM


And you are sexy

6 years 44 weeks ago, 3:47 PM


you gotta get that crazy about your animal knowledge just to show the world that you know more than some website?

mona, macaw, whatever! the purpose of sites like this is to inform and entertain, i was entertained even if i was slightly misinformed. here are a list of other things we consider true that are filled with falsity...

-the bible
-almost any government report
-annual reports from companies on whose wellbeing our stability depends
-subjective teachers
-our parents and theirs

love and stuff,


5 years 17 weeks ago, 6:24 AM


kThanks's picture

Join Date:
Jun 2009

I would imagine that the purpose of this site is not just to "entertain", but as well as to educate. Are you really so simple as to advocate ignorance simply because you found it "entertaining"?

Moreover, providing interesting and ACCURATE information is a necessity (or they should be) in maintaining anything, be it businesses or websites about pets.

Unless you're one of those people who are fine with, say, diet coke rotting holes in your brain as long as the commercial is "entertaining".

This I don't find hard to believe.

6 years 43 weeks ago, 4:43 PM


Yeah the Hyacinth Prices are right on the money, 10G a bird. I have come across 1 or 2 sites selling them, but they are too damn big for a regular house. Missing from the list that you can also own is a Toucan, and depending on the species 5000-10000+ is what you'd pay.

6 years 43 weeks ago, 7:09 PM


It's true what they say, that is not a mona guenon, it IS a mandrill. Some reptiles can be quite expensive due to the recessive traits that can be used to obtain amazing offspring but 10k is pretty pricey for a striped ball python! And the dude that titled his msg 'seriously?', is a serious idiot. This website, although does show you what animals are allowed to be bought in the so wrong!!!

Zoos started out by being collections, collections of animals owned by wealthy people who only wanted to belittle others by showing off how much they could rape the land around them of the animals living in it. Thank god zoos have moved away from this line of thought today and are more about education and conservation of biodiversity. I think that selling of any animal that is in any kind of danger of extinction is completely WRONG and if you buy it then you are basically murdering it. I think that you should be buying endangered species only if you are looking to breed them for future re-introduction into the wild!

There are plenty of non-endangered species out there that make way better pets, hyacinth macaws are too lound! ppl get really tired of them waking them up all night long... buy a blue and gold macaw, way more docile. Reptiles...well...reptiles are a little different, since so many on sale are from private breeders, you can basically go nuts, but you're going to be paying top dollar for the rare ones like those above... if you're not going around showcasing your animal or putting him in movies, a honduran milk is an inexpensive docile substitute.

As for big cats... you're an idiot if you buy one! Pharohs and tzars had cheetahs for CENTURIES....the first captive bred cheetah was born in the mid 1970s...can you even imagine how many were removed from africa!?!?!?! Lions cannot be trained, they can only be fooled, they always retain their killer instincts and you cannot...CANNOT cuddle and play around with them past around 6 months of age, they just maul you.

If you're looking for a cool pet, don't look to those that will impress your friends coz there aren't many left in the world, that makes you a jack-ass!

Educate yourself on the subject before doing something you might regret

6 years 43 weeks ago, 8:06 AM


Hyacinth macaws are actually very docile. They are loud but they won't wake you up at night in most situations. All birds tend to sleep better if you cover their cage at night.

Generally parrots don't make good pets for the average person. They're very demanding and most people cannot provide any sort of decent life for them.

So yeah, for any of these animals - just because you CAN own them doesn't mean that you SHOULD.

6 years 43 weeks ago, 7:22 PM


a) Rip my arm from its socket
b) Kill me with one swipe of its paw
c) Swallow me whole

6 years 43 weeks ago, 10:07 PM


I fully agree. couldnt have said it any better!

6 years 43 weeks ago, 7:26 AM


I dunno, I kind of enjoy a good fight to the death with an animal plucked from it's natural habit then crossbred/ imbred until it's retarded.

6 years 43 weeks ago, 6:37 PM


I have to agree with you, it's hard to be that awesome through the more traditional channels.

6 years 43 weeks ago, 7:28 PM


Will science someday tame anonymous posters so we can have them as pets too?

6 years 43 weeks ago, 7:42 PM


I think the family on Long Island that just had their house repossessed for holding two Malaysian women as slaves found out how expensive it is to keep humans as pets....oh, yeah, not legal, I guess.

6 years 43 weeks ago, 7:43 PM


Fish and corals can top anything on that list easy

6 years 43 weeks ago, 8:01 PM


You guys are losers..... the ones who flamed the guy who was doing nothing but giving correct information. Obviously that guy has some knowledge and was kind enough to share it.

6 years 43 weeks ago, 8:21 PM


Lou are a Youser

6 years 43 weeks ago, 8:35 PM


I don't like white people.

6 years 43 weeks ago, 10:36 PM


Well that's just SUPER!!! You get a pat on the back and a tusstle of the hair champ.

6 years 43 weeks ago, 10:36 PM


and white people don't like you

6 years 43 weeks ago, 5:02 AM


Thank you, George Bush!

5 years 34 weeks ago, 11:11 PM


ilovemyminirexCoco's picture

Secretary of State
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Jan 2009

What's the differnce?!!!!! Jerk! Your so racist!

On yeah,
And P.S

Nowonder ur annoymous

6 years 43 weeks ago, 8:39 PM



6 years 43 weeks ago, 9:08 PM


Hey! I bought a squirrel monkey for $30 in 1969 from a pet store.
Is this price due to inflation!!!

6 years 43 weeks ago, 9:28 PM


Horses can sell upwards of 200,000$ US Dollars...

6 years 43 weeks ago, 10:36 PM


and white people don't like you!!

6 years 43 weeks ago, 10:43 PM


The reality is, while large cats and wild wolves are dying off, housecats and domesticated dogs aren't going anywhere, because we've helped them adapt to *our* rapidly-changing environment (by rapid, I mean over thousands of years rather than hundreds of thousands).

Primates other than humans are in serious trouble. We can't return their jungles, and zoos can only hold so many.

So, I think one way we could be more creative about saving these creatures is by doing the same thing we've done with horses, cattle, chickens, dogs, cats, etc.--domesticate them.

This takes more time than any of us will be alive, of course, but if we start the process now by legalizing ownership of primates as pets, the marketplace will make room for the most docile, trainable specimens and we could see varieties of monkeys and chimps as the next "man's best friend" in 200-1000 years, quite alive and thriving.

6 years 43 weeks ago, 7:08 AM


"So, I think one way we could be more creative about saving these creatures is by doing the same thing we've done with horses, cattle, chickens, dogs, cats, etc.--domesticate them."

Before reading the end, I thought, "by doing what, eating them?"
But I totally agree with everything you've said.

6 years 43 weeks ago, 7:11 AM


As a person who has been to a future where humans are ruled by apes, I must firmly stand against domestication of primates. That's what got us into this mess in the first place. Sure Mr. Chuckles may seem perfect: he can wash the car, get your mail, ride around the house on a tricycle. But as soon as he gets his little simian brain full of Caesar's propaganda he'll be slitting your throat with the steak knives you trained him to juggle!

6 years 43 weeks ago, 11:59 PM


Even though you can buy some puppies for a cheap price from over seas puppy mills, a pure bread Bulldog from an established lineage can range from upwards of $3,500 or more. Especially if it comes from the Uga bloodline (University of Georgia mascot).

6 years 43 weeks ago, 1:13 AM


That's expensive!

6 years 43 weeks ago, 5:20 AM


Chinese Crested Hairless Puppies are no where near 4,000 dollars. That's ridiculous.

6 years 43 weeks ago, 5:41 AM


My penis is going to fall off tomorrow

6 years 43 weeks ago, 6:16 AM


my neighbor has a pure bred chinese crested and paid $400. I have also seen them in the paper for the same.

6 years 43 weeks ago, 7:08 AM


I own a squirrel i trapped with a homemade trap. I keep it in a cage. It has been asleep for 1 month, it's a good pet for quiet sundays. I named it PT.

6 years 43 weeks ago, 8:38 AM


Where can I get the monkey with the gun?

6 years 43 weeks ago, 9:41 AM


Reticulated Albino Type II Tiger Python... Now that sounds like a fighter jet or something ^__^

6 years 43 weeks ago, 4:21 AM


Wow, look, a positive and happy message. *applauds* You have just won the internet.

6 years 43 weeks ago, 5:52 AM


Reticulated Albino Type to Tiger Python, come in Tiger Python.

6 years 43 weeks ago, 10:32 AM


you're ALL idiots....

6 years 43 weeks ago, 12:24 PM


PETS????? pffffffff

6 years 43 weeks ago, 12:34 PM


Pets are for douchebags. Does your life suck so bad that you have to assert your dominion over subservient animals? Only a narcissistic retard would spend this kind of money on an animal. At least I now have a menu for my next BBQ.

6 years 43 weeks ago, 2:25 PM


What a tool!

6 years 43 weeks ago, 8:01 PM


People buy pets because they know pets will always bring them happiness. They buy pets because they would rather deal with them then with asshole humans like yourself

6 years 43 weeks ago, 5:12 PM


Argueing over the internet is like being in the Special Olympics...even if any of you win, you're still a bunch of retards.

6 years 43 weeks ago, 5:52 PM


spelling arguing "argueing" and using an insensitive, unoriginal line that has been around the simplest message boards since about 1832 is like being a deuchebag. but instead of like being a deuchebag, it makes you exactly a deuchebag.

you're a deuchebag.

6 years 43 weeks ago, 11:51 PM


you spelled douche bag wrong

6 years 43 weeks ago, 12:44 AM


I noticed that also hahaha

6 years 43 weeks ago, 2:54 AM


Is it just me or do you fail? Maybe you should lern too spelle.

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