Net cafe just as since going toward ground the ray is dusk, the smoke curls up, those devote one's mind but excitement of the face is in the screen of seem to be in the rays are uncanny for several cents, inside female kids few, the Jie year lifts decorous cloth screen and walks into, the quite a few way taste comes together on her body and lets her felling,such as long grass, be carrying on the back.

Jie year the ashamed station Be long-last ground of to look about everywhere over there, lower the head to walk to accept silver place, have a crest Spice Girl and two unfamiliar boyses who wears a golden color explosion head there.

"Excuse me, , sorcery rain at not at?"The year of the Jie hands table to carefully ask a way.

"Sorcery rain?"A among those shake to sway to listen to a musical male kid to see Jie one eye for year, the Jie year also discovers could not recognize the tatoo of pattern on his wrist, hurriedly transfered view, eye view the nose nose view heart.

"You are him what person, seek him to have what matter?"The boy nowise covers up he or she to conjecture Jie for year of completely naked vision.

The year of the Jie didn't thought of to also answer a question and stammer out:"I am his good friend."

The tatoo boy looking at another companion, don't have no to in astonishment smile, "you say sorcery rain this boy seeks his what is the row'friend'still true many, and his mama of is all pretty good-looking little girl."

"Envy?Want to be not you also seek to go, otherwise ask sorcery rain, have inexhaustibility of let you 1."

The boys recklessly smiled, was ashamed and resentful as well as frightened in the Jie year heart.But she since came, have to find out sorcery rain.Hence she asked 1 again."Sorcery rain he at?"

"He not at.However we at, rather are we also a friend?Sorcery rain has of I have, perhaps more vigorous than him."The boy presses near Jie to tease a way for year.
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The year of the Jie flurried backed an one step."He not at, that, that I walked."

The girl of the gold color explosion head stared those two boys one eyes, "you say that you lack it's enough virtuous, see this small white rabbit frighten become what kind."She turns but sees toward Jie a year and carelessly says, " goes to KK, sorcery rain should be over there."

Leading several seconds, but discovering the Jie year of getting the answer girl finishes saying and lowered the head on the computer to play own thing, already still the station didn't move over there.

"Where is the KK ?"The year of the Jie ashamedly asked a sentence.

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