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Abyssinian CatsAbyssinian Cats and Kittens

The Abyssinian Cat is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. No one is quite sure of this cat's history, and there is a bit of controversy which surrounds it. Full pet »

American Bobtail Cats and KittensAmerican Bobtail Cats and Kittens

The American Bobtail is a rare cat breed that is fairly recent. It has only been in existence since the 1960s, and it originates in the United States. Full pet »

Bombay Cat PicturesBombay Cats and Kittens

Bombay is a breed of cat which is named after the Indian city of Bombay(Mumbai). This breed can be broken down into two variations, and this is the British Bombay and the American Bombay. Full pet »

Burmese Cat PicturesBurmese Cats and Kittens

The Burmese Cat is a breed which originates in Thailand. The Thai name for the cat translates into "splendid, fortunate, or beautiful. Full pet »

Cheetoh Cat PicturesCheetoh Cats and Kittens

The Cheetoh Cat is a breed which originates in the United States. It is a mixture between the Ocicat and the Bengal cat. Full pet »

Javanese Cat PictureJavanese Cats and Kittens

The Javanese Cat is a breed which has a long, silk like coat. This breed will come in a number of different colors, and much like the Siamese cat, the Javanese is known for being highly intelligent and vocal. Full pet »

Siberian Cats and KittensSiberian Cats and Kittens

The Siberian Cat is a long haired breed which originates in Russia. Most cat organizations recognize this breed, and the cat can compete in any color. Full pet »

Sphynx Cat PictureSphynx Cats and Kittens

The Sphynx Cat, also known as "A Cat Without Skin," is a breed of cat which is very rare. While the cat appears not to have any hair, it actually does, and is not completely hairless. Full pet »

Tonkinese Cat PictureTonkinese Cats and Kittens

The Tonkinese Cat is a moderate sized breed that is known for being lively. These cats can live comfortably in an apartment, so long as they get the proper amount of exercise. Full pet »
  • Common Nicknames: Tonks

Birman Cats and Kittens PictureBirman Cats and Kittens

Birman cats should be kept indoors away from the assault of outdoors life. It can be however taught to live with a cat-friendly dog. Birman cats make great pets for children – because of their tolerant and playful nature. Full pet »

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