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British Longhair Cat, Lowlander PictureBritish Longhair Cats and Kittens

The British Longhair also referred to as the Lowlander cat is a semi-longhair type of the British Shorthair cat. With the exception of the fir, the British Longhair and British Shorthair cats are identical. Full pet »

Balinese Cat with Kittens PictureBalinese Cats and Kittens

The Balinese is a breed of oriental cat with long hair and Siamese-style markings, or points. Full pet »

Savannah Cat Kittens PictureSavannah Cats and Kittens

The Savannah Cat is a new and still fairly rare exotic cat Hybridized-breed of Cats that is the result of Hybrid crosses between an African Serval and a domestic Cat. Full pet »

British Shorthair Cat PictureBritish Shorthair Cats and Kittens

The British Shorthair is a domesticated cat that is said to resemble a teddy bear. Its features make it a popular breed in cat shows. Full pet »

Norweigian Forest Cat Kittens PictureNorweigian Forest Cats and Kittens

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a breed of domestic cat native to Northern Europe, and adapted to a very cold climate. In Norway they are known as Skogkatter or Skaukatter (skog and skau being forms of the word for 'forest' in different Norwegian dialects) or more properly, the Norsk Skogkatt (literally, Norwegian Forest Cat). Full pet »
  • Common Nicknames: Skaukatt, Norsk Skogatt, Wegie

kittenRussian Blue Cats and Kittens

The Russian Blue is a type or breed of cat. It has a lean medium-sized, lean body and a short, plush, blue-grey coat. The colour is a bluish-gray that is the dilute expression of the black gene. Full pet »

Himalayan Kittens PictureHimalayan Cats and Kittens

The Himalayan, also called colorpoint Persian, is a breed of cat with extremely long, fluffy fur, and the blue eyes and the points of a Siamese. Himalayan is the American term, while in Europe they are referred to as colorpoint Persians. Full pet »

Bengal and Yorkie palsBengal Cats and Kittens

The Bengal is one of the newer hybrid breeds of cat. The cat was developed to have a friendly and gentle temperament while keeping the distinctive tiger and leopard was breed to have a wild appearance with a domestic temperament. Full pet »

Persian Cat KittensPersian Cats and Kittens

The Persian cat is considered one of the oldest and most popular breeds of cat. In Britain the cat is called the "Persian Longhair" or "Longhair". Full pet »

Siamese Kittens PictureSiamese Cats and Kittens

The Siamese cat is the first uniquely recognized breed of Oriental cat. Full pet »

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