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English Springer Spaniel with PuppiesEnglish Springer Spaniel Dogs and Puppies

The English Springer Spaniel dog was bred as a sporting or gun dog and has been used for retrieving and flushing game. The dog is a distinct member of the spaniel breeds. Full pet »

Chinook Puppies PictureChinook Dogs and Puppies

The Chinook dog is a working dog breed that is very rare and used for sledding. This dog breed was bred in the United States, New England area in the early 20th century. Full pet »

Bearded Collie Puppies PictureBearded Collie Dogs and Puppies

The Beardie or Bearded Collie was once the primary dog used by Scottish shepherds as a herding breed of dog. Today, however the dog is almost exclusively bred for dog shows and serves as a popular family companion. Full pet »

Drever Puppies PictureDrever Dogs and Puppies

The Drever Dog is a European hunting hound with short legs that is also known as the Swedish Dachsbracke. Literally translated Drev is the Swedish word for hunt. Full pet »
  • Common Nicknames: Swedish Dachsbracke

English Setter Puppies PictureEnglish Setter Dog and Puppies

The English Setter is part of the setter family and is a sporting or gun dog. The family of setters includes the Irish Red and White Setters, red Irish Setters, and black Gordon Setters. Full pet »
  • Common Nicknames: Lawerack, Laverack, Llewellin or Llewellyn Setter

English Pointer Puppies PictureEnglish Pointer Dogs and Puppies

The Pointer dog, which is often referred to as the Enlgish Pointer was bred as a gun dog. This dog is one of several pointing type breeds. Full pet »
  • Common Nicknames: Pointer

English Cocker Spaniel Puppies PictureEnglish Cocker Spaniel Dogs and Puppies

The English Cocker Spaniel is of the spaniel family and is bred as a sporting or gun dog. It resembles its cousin the American Cocker Spaniel however it is of closer resemblance to the Springer and Field Spaniels. Full pet »
  • Common Nicknames: Cocker Spaniel

American Cocker Spanel PuppiesAmerican Cocker Spanel Dogs and Puppies

The American Cocker Spaniel dog was originally bred in the United Kingdom as a sporting or gun dog. The dog was introduced to Canada and then to the United States within the late 1800s. Full pet »
  • Common Nicknames: Cocker Spaniel

Irish Terrier Puppies PictureIrish Terrier Dogs and Puppies

The Irish Terrier is a breed of dog from Ireland and is one of he many Terrier breeds of dog. The dog is a compact animal that fits both city and rural environments. The harsh coat of a light red serves as a very protective coat for all types of weather. Full pet »
  • Common Nicknames: Irish Red Terrier

Whippet Puppies PictureWhippet Dogs and Puppies

The Whippet is a breed of dog of the sighthound family. The dogs are playful and active and are physically similar to a small greyhound dog. The dog has been used on cars and cookies in advertising due to its new popularity. Full pet »

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