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African Clawed Frog PictureAfrican Clawed Frog

An unique family of aquatic frogs lacking tongue, ear and hands. Make awesome pets and are highly interesting sights due to their unique features. Full pet »

American Green Tree Frog PictureAmerican Green Tree Frog

American Green Tree Frogs: Beautiful thin and long grass- green colored frogs which have become very popular as they are simple yet very attractive to keep as a pet. Full pet »

Dwarf Frog PicturesDwarf Frogs

Dwarf frogs are hardy amphibians and when fed a varied diet and kept in chemical-free water, they do not give any trouble and may be an exotic addition to the aquarium. Full pet »

Northern Leopard Frog PictureNorthern Leopard Frog

The Northern Leopard Frog is a medium sized frog which is found in open marshes, ponds, swamps etc. It is an important part of our ecosystem. Full pet »

Oriental Fire Bellied Toad PictureOriental Fire Bellied Toad

Oriental fire-bellied toads thrive in good quality water in captivity and love basking in neck-level water in low-lying pools among thick vegetation. Full pet »

Pacman Frog, Ornate Argentinian Horned Frog PicturePacman Frog, Ornate Argentinian Horned Frog

The Pacman frogs make good pets and are highly unusual and comical in appearance. Since these species are not very active, they have to be assiduously looked after as pets. Full pet »

MarioWhite's Tree Frog

With their colorful and unusual features, these White Tree Frogs are a natural wonder to watch. These species can be found in the wild and also make excellent pets. Full pet »

American GreenTree Frog in Wild PictureAmerican GreenTree Frogs

The American green tree frog (Hyla cinerea) is a common species of New World tree frog belonging to the genus Hyla. It is a popular species of pet frog. Full pet »

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