The Australian Coolie is a dog breed of Australia, that was specially bred as a herding dog and falls within the classification of a working dog.
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Australian or German Coolies are well balanced, striking dogs of a medium size. The dogs generally have unusual markings in flecks of color and form of patches. This creates what is called a mottled effect on the dog. The two primary colors of the dog are blue merle and red merle, however these dogs can be seen in white and black varieties. The eyes of the dog may be brown, blue, black or green. The ears of the dog are triangular shaped and of moderate sized and generally semi pricked or completely pricked.

Coolies are eye catching, well balanced, medium sized dogs, with unusual markings in form of patches and flecks of colour, creating a mottled effect. The two main colours are red and blue merle though they are also seen as solid and black and white varieties. Eyes can be blue, brown, green or black or a combination of blue and brown. Ears are moderately sized, triangular shaped and are usually pricked or semi-pricked.


The Australian or German Coolie is a very intelligent and active dog with a very strong herding instinct. The dog is very well known for its friendly nature and being a very easy going, fun loving dog with families. This dog makes a very good family pet. Coolies are very obedient to commands, the dogs are very easy to train and loyal to their owners often accepting all pets and treating children very well. Coolies excel in herding as well as obedience and agility skills which makes the dog a favorite for television action and competitions. Many Collies are used in Search and Rescue scenarios and as therapy dogs.


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Nice pictures, I want a good guard but also friendly.

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