The Bengal is one of the newer hybrid breeds of cat. The cat was developed to have a friendly and gentle temperament while keeping the distinctive tiger and leopard was breed to have a wild appearance with a domestic temperament.
Bengal and Yorkie pals


Bengal cats are medium sized cats. A male Bengal generally weighs up to 15 lb (9 kg), and a female Bengal commonly weighs between 8 to 10 lb (4 to 6 kg). Male cats are most often larger than females.

The face of the Bengal cat features a variety of distinct horizontal stripes, commonly called "mascara" which extend from the eye to the back of the neck of the cat. The top of the body and the side are marked with spots, like that of the jaguar. The rest of the body including the tail and legs generally contains stripes. Bengals can have marbled or spotted patterns.


Bengal cats are very intelligent, high energy, and curious cats. these cats often have high interest in and interaction with their human housemates. They often want to be involved with whatever the people in the house are doing. Bengals though friendly, are not considered lap cats overall. The best initial bonding with a Bengal kitten is to play with it for at least for a half an hour every evening and morning. The cat's play and activity requirements are high and it will be destructive and mischievous if left for long periods of time. If lots of time will be spent away, Bengals work well with other high energy cats.

Bengals sometimes exhibit jealousy over other playmates and humans. Bengal cats make for exceptional pets in homes with plenty of interaction where a cat is wanted with the look of the wild in a domesticated breed.


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