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Blue and Gold macaw ,Green Winged macaw good ratesBlue and Yellow Macaw, Blue and Gold Macaw

The Blue and Yellow Macaw, which may also be known as the Blue and Gold Macaw, is a bird that is a member of the Macaw and Parrot family. This bird can be found within the tropical forests of South America. Full pet »

Hyacinth MacawHyacinth Macaw

The Hyacinth Macaw is one of the largest members of the Parrot family, and it can be found naturally in the forests of South America. Full pet »

Parakeet ParrotParakeet Parrot

The Parakeet Parrot is a broad term which is used to describe a large number of birds which are small to moderate in size. The Parakeet is a member of the Parrot family, and all of these birds will have feathers which are longer than average. Full pet »

Macaw Parrot PictureMacaw Parrot

The Macaw Parrot is a bird which ranges in size from small to large. These are New World birds that will naturally be found in the western hemisphere. Full pet »

Lovebird Parrot PictureLovebird Parrot

The Lovebirds Parrot lives up to its name, as it is one of the most affectionate and social of all the parrots. The name is truly a reflection of these birds personalities, and many experts recommend that lovebirds kept as pets should also be in pairs. Full pet »

Nendy conureConure Parrot

The Conure Parrot is a moderate sized bird that originates in the New World. They are members of the Arinae family, and they are often used for bird keeping. Full pet »

Cockatiel Parrot PictureCockatiel Parrot

The Cockatiel Parrot is a bird which is native to Australia, and it has become a very popular pet. In fact, of all the members of the parrot family, it is one of the most prized of them all. Full pet »

Caique Parrot PictureCaique Parrot

The Caique Parrot is a bird that comes in two varieties, and this is the White Bellied Parrot and the Black headed Parrot. Full pet »

New BirdBudgerigar Parrot

The Budgerigar Parrot is an Australian bird which is small in size. It is part of a group of broad tailed parrots that are members of the Platycercini family. Full pet »

African Grey Parrot PictureAfrican Grey Parrot

The African Grey Parrot is a moderate sized bird that is a member of the parrot family. It lives in the rainforests of both Central Africa and West Africa, and it is known for its high intelligence. Full pet »

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