The Boxer is a type of medium sized, stocky, short haired dog originally bred in Germany. The Boxer has a brindled coat, smooth fawn and square jawed muzzle. The Boxer also has a very strong and powerful bite and accompanying strong jaws.
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The Boxer was originally bred from the now extinct Bullenbeisser and the Bulldog and the dog is part of the Molosser group. Boxers are the seventh most popular breed of dog in the United States, according to the 2006 American Kennel Club statistics. Boxers have held this position since 2002.


An adult Boxer generally weighs around 55 and 70 lbs (25 and 32 kg). Adult male Boxers are commonly between 23 and 25 inches (57 and 63 cm) tall at the withers and adult Boxers females are between 21 to 23½ inches (53 and 60 cm).


Boxers are energetic, bright and playful breeds of dogs. Boxers also tend to be very good with children. Boxers are also strong dogs and it is best to supervise the Boxers around small children. It's always best to begin obedience training as early is possible since Boxers ar eknwon to have a strong personality and therefore can be significantly harder to train as the Boxer gets older. This fact, in addition to the dogs strength, could present a challenge for a first time Boxer owner. Boxers have developed a reputation of being "headstrong", which is often related to poor and inappropriate obedience training. Boxers are often found to be more comfortable with companionship, from people or other dogs. Boxers addiitonally are very active dogs that are best when getting plenty of exercise. In fact, lonely boxers often become stressed and engage in destructive behavior.


5 years 18 weeks ago, 4:38 AM


ilovemyminirexCoco's picture

Secretary of State
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Jan 2009

Boxers are one of my favorite dog breeds besides shepards and dobs.


5 years 14 weeks ago, 1:36 AM


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Jul 2009

Nice pictures, I want a good guard but also friendly.

5 years 9 weeks ago, 5:49 PM


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Aug 2009

I have a boxer and he is bigger then the nomaral ones but he's hilarious. we have 2 cats and Shrek (the cat) will jump on his back and like ride him. And he is super friendly! When he gets super excited he'll start to jump. But he is getting better.

4 years 45 weeks ago, 8:25 PM


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Dec 2009

I have a flashy fawn female and she is just a joy to have. She is on the huge side..85 pounds of pure muscle but she listens to me. all I have to say is her name and she stops dead in her tracks and comes to me. she was a rescue dog. she loves to ride shotgun in the car. she loves bread and sweets..probably why previous owner named her candy-which I kept. She does NOT like cats.

4 years 28 weeks ago, 8:04 PM

Blondiethe DANG...

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Apr 2010

i have had at least 10 boxers in my family over da years now that is comitment. :} H#%@Z YA!!!! TAKE DAT!!

Diva love;);)lol
4 years 13 weeks ago, 10:12 AM


macho-my-angel's picture

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Jul 2010

I'm totally in love with them!! They're the goofiest dog ever. Can"t wait to get my house with a back yard so I could get more, one for each one in the family. We currently have two.

4 years 3 weeks ago, 10:17 AM


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Sep 2010

The boxer dogs is one of my best .
I have a wolf dog boxer mix and he is so lovely .

4 years 1 week ago, 8:09 PM


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Oct 2010

i love this breed... and i love to keep it as well....

Regards Smoker the Pets lover.

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  • Common Nicknames: German Boxer, Deutscher Boxer

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