The Brazilian Mastiff or Fila Brasileiro was developed in Brazil as a large working breed of dog.
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The Fila Brasileiro or Brazilian Mastiff is a Molosser breed with loose skin and large bones. The breed standard for this Mastiff requires males to be between 65 and 75 cm (27 - 29.5 in) high at the shoulder and the weight of the Mastiff must be at least 50 kg (100 lb). Female Filas are slightly smaller and expected to be 60 to 70 cm (24 - 27.5 in) tall, and the weight is at least 40 kg (90 lb).


The Fila Brasileiro is a great cattle dog and estate guardian. The dog does not hide its non-acceptance of strangers and will even during shows show great aggression to a judge. The Fila is extremely faithful to friends and family, however this dog breed is not for everyone. The owner of a Brazilian Mastiff needs to be experienced and confident; capable of deterring the dog's natural aggression towards strangers. Because of this aggression, the dog is not a good fit in busy households that have lots of different people over. Few Filas will ever attack for no reason, despite being unfriendly with strangers.

Like many Mastiffs, Filas bond and love their immediate families very much. They exhibit innate protective tendencies towards the family, children, and other pets. Some will never however accept a stranger even despite a proper introduction. Filas can take a child's inadvertent abuse and are known to be very loving and loyal dogs.

Legal Status

Ownership of a Fila Brasileiro is illegal in the United Kingdom without a specific exemption permit. .

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  • Common Nicknames: Brazilian Mastiff, Cão de Fila, Fila

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