The British Longhair also referred to as the Lowlander cat is a semi-longhair type of the British Shorthair cat. With the exception of the fir, the British Longhair and British Shorthair cats are identical.
British Longhair Cat, Lowlander Picture

The British Longhair cat is known as the Lowlander cat in the United States and Britanica throughout Europe. The United Kingdom has not recognized this cat as a separate breed.


The reason that this breed is a distinct breed is due to the original longhaired British cat, through years of interbreeding with imported longhair cats, was bred to become the Persian cat and this cat became more and more massive. Also this cat became more extreme in type and with longer hair, and much thicker fur that the earlier Persian cats. Throughout the late 19th Century and within the early 20th Century, the Persian cat was thought to be the longhaired predecessor to the British Shorthair.

During the latter part of the 20th Century a shorthaired version of the modern Persian was developed and was called the Exotic Shorthair; this was very different from the British Shorthair. It was therefore proposed that a longhaired cat of the British type be reintroduced into the cat fancy.

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