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Eastern River Cooter Turtle PictureEastern River Cooter Turtle

The Eastern river cooter is shy and does not venture out of water other than to bask and the water is its refuge at the first sign of danger. Full pet »

Painted Turtle PicturePainted Turtle

The Painted Turtle is a turtle with a beautifully marked colorful shell. “A beautiful wetland reptile also known as painted terrapin that is endangered by humans as they are either eaten as food or delicacies or getting killed by natural disasters. Full pet »

Slider Turtle PictureSlider Turtle

Slider Turtles become excellent pets but keeping them in healthy states requires commitment, ample time and recurring expenses. Full pet »

Spotted Turtle PictureSpotted Turtle

Spotted turtles are a smaller species of the turtle family and they are mostly found in shallow water areas. They are a beautiful but elusive species. Full pet »

Wood Turtle PictureWood Turtle

The Wood Turtle is a medium sized turtle which is semi-aquatic, very smart and alert and has a shell which looks like a pyramid that has been sculptured. Full pet »

Box TurtleBox Turtles

Box turtles are fond of plant and burrow down under fallen tree trunks and rocks to be safe from predators. When young they eat invertebrates but as adults they are vegetarians. Full pet »

codyRed Tailed Boa Constrictor

The red tailed boa constrictor belongs to the python family of snakes. It suffocates its prey by squeezing out its breath in an embrace of death. The boa has a wide range of habitat ranging from thick rainforests to grasslands and accordingly its size and menu changes. It is an expert swimmer, slow moving and infrequent eater. Full pet »

Guinea Pig or Cavie PictureGuinea Pigs or Cavies

Guinea pigs are rodents but not pigs; neither do they come from Guinea. The Andes is their original home but guinea pigs are no longer roaming in the wild. South American folk culture is replete with tales about guinea pigs. Full pet »

Emperor Scorpions or Imperial Scorpion PictureEmperor Scorpions or Imperial Scorpion

Emperor scorpions are very shy and introvert. They run away from danger. About 12 babies are born alive after a gestation period of 9-18 months. A lot depends on temperature and food. The babies are called ‘scorplings’. Full pet »

Bearded Dragon LizardBearded Dragon Lizard

Bearded Dragon is the name given to the species of agamid lizard. It is one of the most popular exotic pet and they are so docile that they may even enjoy watching the television with you!! Full pet »

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