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School Cardinal Fish PictureCardinal Tetra Fish

The startling coloration of the Cardinal Tetra is all natural, and arguably unsurpassed in freshwater fish! Full pet »

Neon Tetra Fish PictureNeon Tetra Fish

Despite having been in the aquarium hobby for many years, the Neon Tetra is easily the most popular fish of all aquarium fishes! Full pet »

Salvini Cichlid PictureSalvini, Salvin's, Yellow Belly, Tri-Color Cichlid Fish

An intensely attractive deep yellow color marks the Salvini Cichlid (Salvin's Cichlid), Yellow-Belly Cichlid, or Tricolor Cichlid when they are spawning! Generally these are a rather drab, washed out yellow or gray fish, but when they are in breeding colors watch out! Full pet »

Discus Fish With Fry PictureDiscus Fish

Displaying a most majestic, graceful and dignified presence, the Discus fishes have been entitled "King of the Aquarium Fishes", usurping this designation from the angelfish! Full pet »

Blue Acara Fish PictureBlue Acara Cichlid Fish

An extremely beautiful fish with a mostly steel blue-gray coloration, they are a hardy and fun fish to keep. The Blue Acara is an old time favorite as they spawn easily and make excellent parents, taking very good care of their fry! Full pet »

Gold & wild formsAngelfish Cichlid Fish

The timid, temperamental, and delicate Angelfish, first described as early as 1823, is a fish every freshwater aquarist is familiar with. This graceful disk shaped cichlid, though named for the marine angelfish, bears little resemblance to these fish or even to any other fish in the Cichlid family! Full pet »

Firemouth Cichlid PicturesFiremouth Cichlid Fish

One of the most popular of the cichlids, the Firemouth Cichlid has a distinctive shape and fiery red colors. It is an extremely beautiful fish and fun to keep! Full pet »

Texas Cichlid, Rio Grande Perch, Pearl Cichlid Male and Female PictureTexas Cichlid, Rio Grande Perch, Pearl Cichlid Fish

The Texas Cichlid, Rio Grande Perch, or Pearl Cichlid is one of the toughest and most belligerent of all cichlids. This fish is so territorial, snappish, and will even attack plants! Full pet »
  • Common Nicknames: Rio Grande Perch, Pearl Cichlid

Jack Dempsey Fish PicturesJack Dempsey Cichlid Fish

Due to it's ferociousness when first introduced to the aquarium hobby, this fish was named after "Jack Dempsey", the 1919 Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World. It is not nearly as combative or aggressive, however, as some of the cichlids later introduced, such as the Red Devil! Full pet »

Red Devil Male and Female with Fry PictureRed Devil or Midas Cichlid Fish

One of the most aggressive South American cichlids found only in Nicaragua, the Red Devil is notorious for its belligerent behaviour. When paired right, the Red Devil makes for an excellent aquarium fish and is a beautiful specimen. Full pet »
  • Common Nicknames: Midas Fish

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