The Golden Retriever is an extremely popular type of dog. The Retriever was first developed and bred to retrieve shot game during hunting outings. Today, the Golden Retriever is one of the most common family dogs as it is innately amenable to training and very friendly.
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The Golden Retriever is a high-maintenance dog and will excel in an environment with good regular attention, a balanced diet, vigorous exercise, and regular veterinary check ups. Golden Retrievers are generally very well around adults, children and other dogs. The dogs typically bark only when startled, however are generally friendly by nature. This fact makes the Golden Retriever a very poor guard dog. Retrievers are very highly valued for their calmness, high level of sociability towards people, and willingness to learn. Due to these facts, Golden Retrievers are very commonly used as search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, and mobility assistance dogs for the handicapped.


Generally, Golden Retrievers are somewhat unruly as puppies and may retrieve and chew everything they can see. However, once the Goldie reaches maturity, the dogs remain fun loving and active meanwhile developing an extraordinary patient demeanor. This fact enables the Golden Retriever to serve as an excellent dog for the handicapped as it will sit quietly while hunting or serving the blind. Other distinct characteristics of the dog are related to their hunting heritage include a good size suited for hunting and moving in and out of boats. Also Golden Retrievers generally enjoy the water. The Golden is also a very intelligent dog and as the name states, these dogs love to retrieve.


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I think that the golden retriver is cute and good with children bu he is a bad guard dog . But he is a good dog

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  • Common Nicknames: Golden, Yellow Retriever, Goldie

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