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American Quarter Horse PictureAmerican Quarter Horse

The origin of the American Quarter Horse is from the United States of America. It is the one of the oldest surviving breed of American Horse. Full pet »

Blue Eyed AppyAppaloosa Horse

The story of the Appaloosa horse is entwined with that of Man from time immemorial. It is a breed that is sturdy, distinctive and majestic in mien. Full pet »

My OTTB Brightest StarThoroughbred Horse

The Thoroughbred is a special breed of horse reared for racing. Its family line started with the importing of three stallions from the Middle East. Full pet »

Arabian Horse PictureArabian Horse

The Arabian Horses are a class apart and a gift from Allah to the world! There are many myths surrounding this breed of horses. Full pet »
  • Common Nicknames: Arabian, Arab

Paint In SnowAmerican Paint Horse

Each of the American Paint Horse has a distinctive combination of white as well as another color of the equine spectrum. Usually the horses are with bay, black, dark bay, sorrel or chestnut colored with white spots. Unusual horses of such breed are with palomino, gray, buckskin, perlino, cremello, shades of roan, grullo and dun colored spots. Full pet »

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