The Labrador Retriever or more affectionately called the "Lab" or "Labrador" is one breed of numerous breeds of retrievers.

The Lab is the most popular breed of dog in both the United Kingdom and the United States of America as determined by registered ownership. The Labrador is an impressively intelligent, affable, good natured and energetic breed making them exceptional working dogs and companions. Labradors resond very well to positive attention and praise. The dogs are also well known for their enjoyment of water. Historically, the Labrador was selectively bred for retrieving game in water environments as "gun dogs" and in waterfowl hunting as companions. This fact also gave them a good amount of time to bond with their owner and led to their overall good temper. Labradors can be bred in many colors including black, chocolate, yellow, and brown.


Labradors are a versatile well balanced breed, adaptable to a broad range of diverse functions as well as making exceptional pets. As a rule Labradors are not subject to pining, territorialism, insecurity, destructiveness, aggression, hypersensitivity or other complex traits with are apparent in other dog breeds. Also as their unique name suggest they make excellent retrievers.


5 years 19 weeks ago, 8:35 PM


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Jun 2009

i have a lab mix and they are the best dogs ever yes if you dont give them exercise they go crazy but what dog wouldnt

pit bulls rock the world
4 years 6 weeks ago, 9:30 AM


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Sep 2010

i own a black labs hes very smart and loyal loves water they are overall awesome dogs very friendly will only bite when scared

4 years 6 days ago, 4:11 PM


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Oct 2010

i got lab pup today and he is just 15days old, male in yellow color.
cute pup and ideal house pet...

Regards Smoker the Pets lover.

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