The Parakeet Parrot is a broad term which is used to describe a large number of birds which are small to moderate in size. The Parakeet is a member of the Parrot family, and all of these birds will have feathers which are longer than average.
Parakeet Parrot

These parrots may also be called buderigar, or the budgie. While these birds may be found all over the world, their native habitats will either be Australia, Central or South America, or Australia. I should also note that not all of the Parakeet Parrots have long feathers. An older term which is sometimes used to describe these birds is the "Paroquet."

The word "conure" is the proper term which will often be used to describe these birds, and the Arini are the birds which are native to South America. Traditionally, because these birds could only be found naturally in three regions of the world, they were reserved largely for the rich, and even today, many Parrots are not cheap, though more common species are cheaper than they were in the past. Parakeet Parrots are prized for their exotic looks, vibrant colors, warm personality, and high intelligence. Many people also enjoy Parrots because of their long lifespan.

There are some species of Parrot, such as the Macaw Parrot, which can live much longer than most dogs and cats. Because many owners have abandoned their parrots, or released them into the wild, this has led to the introduction of parrots in places where they traditionally wouldn't be found. A good example of this is the city of London, which is known to have at least 30,000 Parakeets which are living in the wild. Parakeets are known for their kindness, and they can stand on your finger. However, those who handle these birds must treat them properly. If you treat the bird properly, it can literally sense this, and they can be a healthy friend for a long period of time.

Because Parakeets are some of the most sociable of all birds, most experts advise people to purchase them in pairs. However, even if you have one parakeet, you can keep it entertained by putting a mirror in front of it. Parakeets also love toys, and this is another way to keep the occupied. While there are a large number of parakeets that are a part of this family, the only one which is native to the United States is the Carolina Parakeet. This parakeet lives in the eastern part of the United States, and it can be found in both forests and rivers. Sadly, the only parakeet to be native to the United States has become extinct, as it hasn't be seen in the wild since 1939.

The Monk Parakeet is a species which can be found in South America. While there are wild populations that can be found in the U.S. and Europe, they don't occur naturally there, but they are native to Argentina. Parakeets vary quite widely in size, and while some are small, others are quite large, both in weight and wingspan.

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