The Siamese cat is the first uniquely recognized breed of Oriental cat.
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Within the twentieth century, the Siamese Cat has become one of the most popular cats in North America and Europe.


All Siamese cats feature a creamy base coat and some colored points on their nose and extremities including their paws, ears, and lower legs as well as tails and scrota in males. All kittens though cream at birth will develop these traits. Siamese cats generally darken with age.

Siamese cats have bright blue, almond shaped eyes and very flat laying short coats. Nearly all Siamese cats from Thailand had a kink in their long tails, but these has been breed out in the American cats.


Siamese cats are intelligent, affectionate cats, well known for their social nature. The cats enjoy being with people and are often described as being outgoing. The cats will be extremely vocal at times and have a voice that often sounds like a persistent and demanding human baby. Siamese cats enjoy and need human companionship and often share a strong bond with one individual person. The cats remain very active throughout their lives.

The cats are less active at night, probably an innate instinct do their bright blue eyes and white coat as not being very effective in the dark. This cat is a wonderful and playful family cat.


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I have to say that I love these cats I dont own one but my sister does and she is the most loving cat that I have ever seen, be prepared to hear a lot of talking and meowing they are the loudest cats that I think that I have ever heard on earth but I love them so much.

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