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As the name implies, cat cages are special cages which are designed for cats. High quality cat cages will be made out of strong materials, and may use an epoxy finish as well. While few domestic house cats weigh anywhere near 150 pounds, the cat cage can support weights up to this limit. A high quality cat cage will have a floor which is flexible, as this allows cracks to be avoided throughout its life. Because the cage is lightweight, it is easy to transport, and its structure makes it easier to clean. The cage is comfortable for your cat as well, as it has lots of space with benches where the cat can rest.

Some models of the cat cage also come with a free sisal which will allow your cat to scratch its claws while its in the cage. While cat cages may be seen as being cruel to some cat owners, there are times when having one can come in handy. A good example of this is when you're moving to a new location, or when you're taking a long trip. A cat that is confined to a cage is a cat that will stay out of trouble. The cage can also be used to stop the cat from becoming lost. A number of cages have benches which are located high above the floor, and this allows the cat to have a high vantage point. This also provides more room at the base of the cage for food and water.

If you use a low end cat cage, one thing that you may find is that you have to replace it frequently. It is much better to spend a bit more on a durable cage which will last a lifetime. You should also want a cage which is humane to your cat. I highly recommend that you only use cat cages for a short period of time, where your cat needs to be protected, or when you're traveling or away from home. The best cat cages tend to be those which are made out of steel which is galvanized with a tough powder. You will also want to invest in a cage which is rust proof. Some owners complain of purchasing cat cages which are difficult and time consuming to assemble.

To avoid this problem, be sure to purchase a high quality cage that can be assembled within a short period of time. Cages of this type will typically be those which are made out of either PVC square tubing, or ABS fittings. It also wouldn't hurt to add accessories to the cage which will make it easier for your cat to enjoy itself while it is confined. While high quality cat cages tend to be pricey, paying a bit extra for quality is well worth it. You also want to make sure the cat cage has doors which are easy to access and open. Sanitation issues are critical as well, and you should always invest in cages which are simple and quick to clean.

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